Strong and Durable Construction Bricks made from Cardboard.

Encourage co-operative play for children 18 months to 8 years old (unlike smaller block systems which tend to be played with individually)
Enable kids to build things big enough to play in, climb on or ride on
Provide a safe and satisfying outlet for both constructive and destructive urges; great fun to knock down!
Makes indoor play expansive, great for wet weather etc.
Easy to tidy up and hard to loose!

Made of corrugated cardboard with a plastic laminated surface
About the size of a shoe box when assembled.
(300 x 150 x 75 mm)
Light, Safe, and very strong

Comes as a pack of 25. Assembly required.

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NZ$ 195.65 excluding GST
NZ$ 225.00 including GST
Price for 1+:
NZ$ 225.00 per PACK
Price for 2+:
NZ$ 430.00 per PACK
Price for 4+:
NZ$ 850.00 per PACK
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